Last week’s US Presidential election result was a global wake-up call. Whether in the US or the UK, people are feeling left behind – marginalised by an economic system that makes them work harder for less, while hoovering up ever greater rewards for a small elite.

People are right to be angry. Our political and economic system is delivering rising inequality and falling living standards.

Young people today find it harder to get a home of their own, harder to find good secure jobs, and are landed in lifelong debt simply for wanting an education.

Older people see their children and grandchildren struggling, their libraries and community services cut, their friends’ social care get worse.

They’ve seen politicians privatise what were once our collective assets, and they are paying the higher bills and higher fares as a result.

If we, as socialists, don’t step forward and offer solutions, then into the vacuum step the merchants of hate and blame.

They see the problem, but instead of offering solutions to make people’s lives better, they offer someone to blame.

The Tories do the same. They have opened the door to UKIP and fanned the flames of fear.

The Tories pretend to understand people’s problems, but offer nothing but someone to blame.

Meanwhile, the economy is slowing again. People’s pay still hasn’t recovered from the last recession and housing costs have soared. The Tories are cutting schools’ budgets, have slashed social care and have put the NHS into its worst crisis.

It’s time for our party – half a million strong, with more members than all the other UK parties combined – to get out there to tell people why a Labour government matters.

Our party doesn’t have the benevolence of the press barons, it doesn’t have the donations of billionaires, so please speak to your fellow party members, trade unionists and friends and ask them to take part in our National Campaign Day on Saturday 26 November.

Jeremy Corbyn

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